nebojsa_buhin.jpgVišestruko  nagrađivan i cenjen gitarista i kompozitor Nebojša Buhin Nebo je tokom 2007. godine snimio dva albuma, autorski 'Guitar Language' i tematski 'Nebo Plays Christmas Songs'.
Oba albuma su odlično su prihvaćena od kritike, a recenzije su objavljene u 20th century guitar,

MWE3000, Concerto, Online Rock i Blues Matters. Četiri pesme sa albuma 'Guitar Language': 'The Buzz', naslovna 'Guitar Language', 'Blues for You'  (u kojoj gostuje makedonski gitarista Dimitrar Božikov) i 'Big Girl' (gost Ricardo Luque) su izabrane kao Track of the Day tokom marta na siteu MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be

Ove pesme aktivno učestvuju u Review contestu gde korisnici ocenjuju razne aspekte pesme i već su sakupile puno glasova kao najbolje u raznim kategorijama. Web stranica je jedan od najvećih promotera tzv. nezavisne muzike.


Naslovna pesma sa albuma 'Guitar Language' je recenzirana



'This is a well produced, instrumental, jazz-fusion recording which features excellent overall musicianship. Nebo’s dexterous guitar playing is impressive. I also like the bass player on this track. This is clearly a first-rate recording in this genre. I think this song certainly showcases.  Nebo’s guitar skills are very well. I believe Nebo is competitive with pro jazz/fusion artists in the United States.Nebo is an excellent musician and it’s just about building success beyond Croatia.'


U magazinu album 'Nebo Plays Christmas Songs' dobio je

odličnu recenziju:


'Nebo's playing is excellent, concise, and varied; he sticks close to the familiar melodies but is not afraid to improvise whilst maintaining an appropriate Yuletide vibe. His backing musicians join the fun, although this may be the one to pull off the shelf in the height of Summer I have a feeling that this may well be in my CD player when I put the tree up next December.'


U Pipeline reviews o albumu 'Guitar Language' pišu:


'...Here he plays mostly electric with just a little acoustic to break things up, and he has an extremely clean and melodic style, though he can get a little dirtier when required, and he has enlisted services of some top-notch musicians to help out. A very interesting release – I look forward to hearing more form him.' Norman Darwen